There is no better way of showing your target audience how to use “difficult” services or products than coming up with a stunning video. We step in to help engage your audience by creating practical videos in simple yet effective language. This allows them to understand how they can use your products to meet their needs, something that will motivate them to heed to your call of action. 

We offer exceptional services to both individuals and associations working on projects related to the science and technological field. Our remote team consists of highly qualified art directors, cinematographers, motion designers, illustrators, voice over artists, sound engineers, content writers and editors from all over the world. Together we work on all aspects of production with great attention to detail to make sure our clients get exactly what they desire. We put ourselves in the shoes of our audience to create authentic content that improves their corporate identity and makes them stand out in competitive markets.

Core Values


We invent original concepts and individual approach to create projects


We can find ideal

solutions to even the most complex issues


After many years of experience we can

adjust our ideas to different conditions


We see great value in working together and communicate our ideas

Sense of humor

Our projects are

not only educa-ting but are also entertaining

Contact Person

Founder and CEO of Visuence Productions, Julia Hettmann is a multiple award-winning creative storyteller with strong problem solving mindset and experience in leading international teams and developing impactful video marketing strategies. 

From a tender age, Julia had a deep passion for art and science. This affection helped her combine creativity with intelligence throughout her career. She published a book in 2013, portrayed with her quirky illustrations. Her passion for technological innovation encouraged her to become a writer of science fiction scripts.

Beyond the jolly surface, Julia is a scientific thinker with a constant eager for reason. She is committed to improve the physical and social well-being of mankind. Therefore she uses her exceptional storytelling skills to help medical specialists, scientists and engineers improve their corporate identity with superior visuals and authentic content.